Ceramics or No?

Are they worth it?

4y ago

I've been having a bit of a debate with a few friends about this topic. Quite a lot of people assume one must have ceramics on your expensive supercar (or even not expensive) and in my books there really are quite a few reasons for and against. I think up there with the braking power for a lot of people is the fact they give off noticeably less brake dust, meaning your wheels stay cleaner for longer. My main advocate for NOT having them is the squeeking....I can't stand it that my gt3rs sounds like a lorry when you are rolling up to some traffic lights, pisses me off no end.

What do you guys think? Ceramics or no? When do you spring the extra cash or is it all about having those yellow brake calipers..or if that's the case can't you just paint them (shock horror..who would do that..burn him with fire..lol). Thoughts?

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Comments (26)

  • I dont have the money to have to worry about that question.

      4 years ago
  • I think if your gonna talk about quite a few reasons for both sides...giving one of each is pretty sad.

      4 years ago
  • Most people cant, dont and probably shouldnt (unless you live at a race track) get the brakes hot enough in average day to day driving to get the extra performance out of these brakes.

    If it is a dedicated track car, that is different.

      4 years ago
  • So you got a gt3rs and are now complaining about the squeeking? Thats racecar sound you should be proud of that even when you are crawling in traffic

      4 years ago
  • well i didnt really have a choice...so its ceramics...but yes..its annoying, in normal road traffic you cant warm them up enough so they squeek less, but i had the choice with my Alfa and i chose steel and they are brilliant, so for a daily...it would always be steel..

      4 years ago