C'est Pas Sorcier : the French scientific truck

Listening to that music reminds me a lot of great TV souvenirs when I was a child. I'm sure French drivetribers feel the same things as me. Every sunday morning, Fred, Jamy and Sabine travelled all over the world to explain us the science, the technology, the history and what you want like James May in Man's Lab. C'est pas Sorcier was broadcasted from 1993 to 2014 before becoming a scientific reference. The first version was presented by Jamy and Patricia Saboureau (1993-2014). The second and final version was known from French people (or not) with Fred, Jamy, Sabine, Marcel and Valérie (the voice) (1994-2014).

Jamy, Fred and the truck, the best place to learn the sciences, the technologies and the history.

What's the concept? In his truck driven by Marcel, Jamy explains what are the cars, the human body (and how it works) or what was the Middle Age using models, drawings, schemas, diagrams or scientific experiments. Fred and Sabine show us how and when the products or the technology are developed and produced asking theoritical questions to Jamy. During 21 years, it was the only TV program where children (and adults) learned interesting things on the French Public channel, France 3.

Profitez de ce générique, de cette musique et de ce merveilleux camion, théatre de moments scientifiques les plus incroyables:

It's friday, don't forget your beers. Cheers mates!

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  • This bring back a lot of good memories, thank you so much.

    1 year ago
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  • Patricia Saboureau? Any relation?

    1 year ago
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