- Jeremy Clarkson at his date with the Contessa in Turin (Amazon Prime Video).

C'était un rendez-vous by Jeremy Clarkson

In Top Gear, our trio realized challenges. They don't change their habits in The Grand Tour. Remember you the long and funny race in the streets in Honfleur (Normandy) driving Maserati cars. Jeremy and Richard were kids whereas James had a broken arm. His colleagues didn't help him giving some adult toys to drive his car in the narrow streets. France is a big place where the boys play showing their skills in French too!

A homage to a motoring popular movie : C'était un rendez-vous.

Two jewels and a man, Jeremy Clarkson (Amazon Prime Video).

In the third episode of The Grand Tour'season 2, Jeremy Clarkson drives one of the fastest and expensive cars of the world from Saint-Tropez to Turin (Italy). The Bugatti Chiron can be compared to a French motoring jewel with its V16 engine making a sound like "waves on a tropical beach" according to Jeremy. Why he made a such journey? In an interview to a French journal, Auto Moto, Jeremy said it was a homage to Claude Lelouch's movie, "C'était un rendez-vous" (It was a date). Released in 1976, the movie shows the beauty of the French capital captured by a camera on a car. In 9 minutes, the hero drove a car from the Champs Elysées to the Basilique Sacré Coeur in its magnificence running towards his lady.


Claude Lelouch's car, a Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9 was equiped with a camera to film some famous parisian places showing us some Parisian famous places like the Champs Elysées, the Opéra Garnier or the Louvres where Lelouch drove at 200 km/h. The movie is short but stay a motoring artwork. In 2017, the movie inspired Ford using a mustang in the same places as the original movie. Some motoring enthusiasts did it in cities all over the world. More than a movie, it's a motoring homage.

The track and lap time during Lelouch's race in Paris in 1976 (Wikipedia).

Clarkson's version : A mix of "La douce France" and the "Dolce Vita".

Jeremy loves spending time in France and Italy. He has a good French accent too. In that episode, he was on board a yatch in Saint-Tropez with Giovanni, his servant in the special episode in Namibia. From his boat to his Bugatti Chiron, Jeremy drives on the French roads and mountains before skying on the Alps and going to restaurant with his contessa in Turin. After Deauville and its palaces, Jeremy lives again a luxury adventure whereas James drove a Kia Stinger GT in Majorca. Jeremy travelled into different countries doing so many things in 24 hours! What will be the next adventure of the guys in France? We will know soon in the next episodes.

(Amazon Prime Video).

In his French interview, Jeremy said he was inspired by some new ideas around motoring films and races. We all know the trio have kept some ideas of Top Gear evolving them with time like the "Conversation Street" or the new "Celebrity Face off". As a french native girl, I have so many ideas for our chaps. I'm sure they like visit the castles in Centre-Val de Loire driving some magnificent Rolls Royces. Jeremy, James and Richard would realize challenges driving a gigantic Elephant in Nantes finishing on Le Mans racing track. I would be a great guide!


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