Cruisefest Northeast (CFNE) is a car club based in the Northeast of England & has been running for over 10 years. We welcome any car or bike standard or modified, American or Jap it really doesnt matter.

The club first started off on a forum and was established in 2005 eventually going live in the October on the old web address of The club was designed to keep members up to date with the latest trends & information within the North East cruising community. With increasing popularity we decided to host our own car meets and cruises aswell as attending shows such as the scottish car show. Sadly however due to the increase in popularity of social media platforms such as "Myspace" & "Facebook" a descision was made to transfer accross to Facebook and close the forum we do however still use the same web address and since then the club has grown from strength to strength. We host 3 cruises a year and we also meet up weekly every Saturday night unless other local clubs are hosting events.

We also try to look out for what would be usefull to our members, mainly discounts. We have teamed up with several companies and if your car is displaying one of our cfne stickers you will be given a discount from things such as - Window tints, New/part worn tyres, Wheel refurbs to Computer repairs & Dog training. for more info head over to our Facebook page CFNE.CO.UK

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