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Chain reaction! Watch Honda Accord brilliant “Cog” commercial

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Welcome to this week “Brilliant commercials and where to find them” post. Last week I pointed the spotlight on Jeep Wrangler spot, starring Jeff Goldblum, asking for suggestions for the next post, down in the comments, Kacper Ziajka mentioned to me this Honda Accord advert.

This commercial, aired on British television in 2003, was a great success, the reason is simple, more than a spot it’s a masterpiece of physic laws. This short clip called “Cog" was commissioned to promote the seventh generation of Honda Accord line.

source - YouTube

The Honda Accord line, is on the market since 1976, at the beginning was supposed to be the label of hatchbacks, compact, sporty and with low fuel consumption, anyway across the years this nameplate was applied to saloons and coupé as well. The Accord in the past won several awards for “Car of the year" and has been exported worldwide, now it's at its tenth generation.

The concept of the spot is based on a Rube Goldberg machine, a system of links settled up to create a domino effect. In this case starting by a transmission bearing, rolling down a board the car takes form. One after one it show us the car's parts rolling and jump through a sequence of scales and collisions more and more complex until the end where the full car is fully assembled.

The advert as you would have notice is basically silent, except for the notes of “Rapper's Delight”from Sugar Hill's Gang starting almost at the end when the CD player turns on, a wise choice, which let the viewer enjoy the metallic clings of the parts hitting and bouncing one against the other, in two minutes of truly enjoyable cinematography.

Here the clips with the illustrated walk-through and the making of:

I personally loved this advert, I’m a big fan of this kind of machines and I found it fascinating, though I’m not the only one cause this spot was acclaimed by newspaper and pretty much grabbed the attention of consumers at the time.

What do you think? Great or not?

What's your favorite commercial?

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Thanks o Kacper for the suggestion!


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