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Mansell wins Round 14 of Knockout F1 so moves on to face Kimi Raikkonen BWOAH!

For those new to this series, here is how it works. We shall start with those drivers who won a single championship, working through them chronologically. The winner of single champions will then face double champions, then triple etc... By the end of the series you will have voted for your champion of champions!

Remember you vote for the driver who you think would win in a One vs One situation.

The winner of this round will face Nico Rosberg in Round 16.

Who gets your vote? #KnockoutF1

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  • Mansell all the way; Kimi really didn't win the 2007 title on merit; winning by a single point having been gifted a position by your teammate isn't a great way to win. Mansell won what, all but two or three races to take his WDC?

    1 year ago
    • What a load of bull - "didn't win on merit". Williams was a much faster car in the 1992 season compared to everybody else - 15 poles out of 16 races, the lone McLaren pole coming from...

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      1 year ago
    • He was gifted the title by a team order to Massa to move over. That's not winning on merit.

      1 year ago
  • Still Mansell

    1 year ago
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