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Raikkonen just steals victory at the death beating Nigel Mansell with 52% of the vote! Kimi now faces Nico Rosberg in Round 16 of Champion vs Champion.

For those new to this series, here is how it works. We started with those drivers who won a single championship, working through them chronologically. The winner of single champions will then face double champions, then triple etc... By the end of the series you will have voted for your champion of champions!

Remember you vote for the driver who you think would win in a One vs One situation.

The winner will face our first double champion, Alberto Ascari, in Round 17.

Who gets your vote? #KnockoutF1

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Comments (3)
  • Where is JB?

    11 months ago
  • Never thought kimi would make it to this round. 😲 but against rosberg I chose him...

    1 year ago
    • Mansell had it for most of the last round but there must have been a late surge of Kimi fans!

      1 year ago
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