Changan CS75 SUV - #TBT Review

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#ThrowBackThursday to my video review of a Chinese car - the Changan CS75, back in 2016 in Dubai for Motoring Middle East.

I wrote at the time:

"Previously I’ve not found the notion of testing Chinese cars very appealing at all, and that’s the honest truth. And the reality was we didn’t feel it necessary either. Initially Chinese cars made headway into the Commercial sector and Fleet sales – which of course makes sense.

'We always said that when regular consumers – ie you, our readers – started putting their own hard-earned into the ownership of Chinese cars, we’d start looking at them. Frankly that shift is now becoming apparent, so it was time to brave unknown waters.

'The mere fact that I simply did not end up hating this car like I thought I would, is a big win for this Changan and the first car that I’ve tested from China. Simply put it’s a lot better than I thought it would be.

'Whilst I would never contemplate owning one, I can see that for the money, and considering the practicality, kit and yes, even the okay looks of the thing, it would appeal to a lot of potential owners, for some of which the 1 year insurance and 3-year 60,000km service contract included in the price, might well be the financially sound deal-clincher.'

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  • Why would anyone waste their money buying Chinese crap?

    Especially now!

      20 days ago