Change my mind - BMW's Z Range may just be the best lineup ever!

    With a varied and exciting history!

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    BMW is, in my opinion, fairly underrated. For some reason, there is a public opinion that they are inferior to Mercs, when they are actually very similar, and better in some cases. But, BMW cannot claim the heritage. After all, Mercedes made the world's first ever car.

    This isn't to say that BMW hasn't had an amazing history, and I reckon that their 'Z' bloodline is one of the best in the business. I'll make my argument, and then you can tell my why I'm wrong in the comments!

    BMW 507

    I'm going to start here. While the 507 was not an official 'Z', this is where the bloodline started. I am a sucker for a 300SL, and this car reminds me of that in bucketloads. It might even be prettier! With a groundbreaking 3.2L all-aluminium V8, it's planned price of $5000 was overstepped to $9000, but was so threatening to the 300SL Coupe that Stuttgart introduced a Roadster rival to steal some market share back. Plus it did big grilles well!!! Nowadays, their worth is over £2 mil, and the rarity due to only about 200 models being produced grows the value.

    BMW Z1

    This was the car that actually triggered me writing this article. I saw a stunning BMW Z1 in red, flying along an A Road with the doors hiding in the sill. Loads of cars have adopted different types of doors, with Merc's Gullwing, McLaren's Butterfly, Lambo's Scissor, and even Koenigsegg's Dihedrals! Almost all of them have been copied by others, but no one has ever emulated Beemur's disappearing doors. Why? They're so effortlessly cool!

    BMW Z3

    They called it the 'breadvan'. The first ever Z coupe, and the coolest ever Z Coupe. And in case you don't understand what a shooting brake is, this is a prime example. Very rare, very cool, and a 320bhp M3 Engine under the curvaceous bonnet. You've gotta admit it looks cool!

    BMW Z8

    Ah yes. The Z you forgot about. A V8 Muscle car in a well-fitting German suit. Inspired by the legend that was the Jaguar E-Type, it received very little appreciation at the time, and while it featured in Bond's 'The World is not Enough' (1999), it had very little screen time. This was partially due to the price tag. At £128,000 back in 2000, if adjusted for inflation it is the most expensive BMW ever made. But honestly, I think it's the coolest.

    BMW Z4 (1st Gen)

    A 'Bangle' product, the Z4 was released using his new 'flame theory', where the cars lines and creases were determined by looking at flames and sketching shapes. There were cool design features as well, the indicator was hidden behind the side BMW badge, and it looks a world away from the typically 90's Z3. In fact, it looks like there should be a model in between! (The Z8 doesn't really count). Plus, they are affordable now, and their was once again a Coupe option!

    BMW Z4 (2nd Gen)

    There's always one dud. The Z4 became heavier, wobblier and arguably less good looking. The adoption of a hard top was a mistake, and it got a reputation as a hair dressers car. That's not to say it doesn't look good, but everyone was reeling about the lack of an M car, and the standard bodykit just didn't cut it.

    BMW Z4 (3rd Gen)

    A car that looks amazing in some colours, and terrible in others. When it was first released, car mags reckoned this would finish off the 718. But as it became more commonplace, that thought stopped. With no Coupe, so the M2 has breathing space, and the lack of a proper M Model, it's easy to hate this car. But it's not all bad, and it helped to create...

    BMW Supra

    Sorry... I just had to!

    What do you think? Comment below! Thanks for reading my articles, it's really appreciated!

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    Comments (15)

    • Not going to try to change your mind - gotta love the Z1, though I'd take a 507 as an alternative

        26 days ago
    • Just to clear up any confusion...

      This is a "Breadvan":

        25 days ago
    • The Z3 was/is as much of a flight attendant's car than an original Audi TT and I think it's ridiculous that they made it a Bond car. Other than that, yes, great cars.

        25 days ago
    • I have to disagree with you on your judgement of the E89 Z4. The hairdresser's car was most definitely the Z3 and not this one. The Z3 was not known to be the best handling car, and the E85 was definitely a step up- perhaps even multiple steps.

      The E89 was a bigger, heavier car than the E85, I agree. A lot of that has to do with the foldable hardtop, which I'm not a fan of- they should have chosen for the traditional top. But even with that taken into consideration: this was still a well handling car! Not as light and nimble as the E85, but definitely higher on the ladder than the Z3...

      The design is a matter of personal taste. I like the E89 a lot, probably even slightly better than the E85 (trust me, it's a really pretty car!) but if given the choice I would still have the E85 over it. Unless it's a 35i(s) with DCT, that's absolutely amazing, and I'd have it over an E85. Unless the E85 is an M Roadster, in which case I'd pick the E85.

      Ah who am I kidding, nobody's offering anyway :-P

        1 month ago
    • Really???

        26 days ago


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