- It's a Comin'

This tribe is changing it's appearance effective January 1st 2019 (New Years Day) giving the tribe a new fresher look and to bring interest back into the topics that matter the most to the audience of 99 tribe members and over 13.2k non member viewings.

in recent times i find that this tribe has lost its momentum with myself (the tribe leader only posting and writing articles that are of my interest, here are some of the changes that will come into effect as of New Years Day:

1. A New Logo (Bigger and Bolder than the one before it (i.e. the current one)

2. A New Name (audience/ tribe member participation is welcome in choosing a new name for the tribe)

3. More Tribe member/ audience participation; from 2019 I will be encouraging tribe members and audience participation within the tribe in order to get the tribe back to where it was 1 year ago.

The Tribe chat is always open. If tribe members have any questions about the tribe in its current form or be it, where they would like to see the tribe go in the future, myself and DRIVETRIBE staff members will be on hand to take any of your questions.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me directly using the Direct message function in my user profile. Merry Christmas

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