- Image Credits: Joe Macari Servicing

Changing The Clutch On A Ferrari F50 Is Not Easy!

1y ago


Clutch changing is never an easy task when it comes to mid engined supercars. Usually the dealership has to take out the engine from the engine bay to perform this tricky task. Turns out, it's a much difficult task when we are talking about a Ferrari F50!

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Joe Macari Servicing posted this timelapse video of changing the clutch on the F50 on their Instagram. As you can see, the F50 needs to be split into two parts to perform this meticulous task. Not your everyday sight to see an F50 being cut into half!

Image credit: Joe Macari Servicing

The Ferrari F50 was introduced in 1995 as a successor to legendary F40. Only 349 units were produced during its two year long production run. It is considered by many as the most under rated Ferrari ever! It never got the praise it deserved as everyone felt it was not exciting enough when compared to its predecessor F40.

The most standout feature of this icon is the use of a 4.7 litre F1 sourced V12 engine. This takes it on the list of one of the best sounding car to be ever produced!