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Changing Times

Well it's a new month and that means a few things are going to change here at the Custom & Hot Rod Life tribe. These changes are all in an effort to bring you crazy cats the best possible content, in the best possible way!

The following time changes will start happening with the next post here on C&HRL:

Screenshot by: Chris Breeden

As you can see something will be posted on the Custom & Hot Rod Life tribe everyday, every 4 hours! That's a lot of Hot Rod and Custom car goodness!

A word about the Shoebox Ford '49-'51 tribe:

In an effort to only post original content, the daily posts from the Shoebox tribe will stop. I started the tribe on 1 January 2017 and I have loved doing it, but going forward I'll only be posting content I create there. The tribe isn't going away, it's use is just changing. I love these cars and this has been a difficult decision to make, but in order to make planning easier on me, I've had to eliminate those daily posts.

Big things ahead!

(this is the big announcement part!)

Since the middle of June 2018 I have written over 150 stories for the Shoebox Ford '49-'51 and the Custom & Hot Rod Life tribes. In that time, I have learned quite a few things. Like proofreading is something you should do the next day after sleeping and sometimes, no matter how good you think a story is, no one is going to read it. I've also learned that the typed word doesn't carry as much weight as it once did. In other words, to be of any importance you have to give people what they want.

The people want video

I originally came to DriveTribe because I noticed something that alarmed me. I was at a car show (car meet) and after looking around I noticed that the average age of the crowd was well into their 60s. There were no young people. Furthermore, the young people I knew didn't care about cars and actually thought of them as a burden they would have to endure.

I have realized that in order to grow my tribe, to increase my chances of imparting a love for Hot Rods & Custom cars onto a younger generation, I have to stop attempting to communicate with them in the way that is most familiar to me. I have to start communicating in a way that's most familiar to them.

The goal is to begin posting all daily main articles as a video, instead of as a written article, in January of next year. I have no doubt that this will be an even more difficult task than the one I originally set for myself. I realize how naive that sounds, but when you start at the bottom of understanding video writing, set up, production, post production, editing and even how to upload it, up is the only direction available!

Keep on Cruisin'!

Art: Chris Breeden

Thanks for reading!