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Channel your inner Clarkson with our guide to 10 of the best hammers

When it comes to choosing the best hammer to get some heavy-hitting work done with, it can be difficult to figure out which is best for you. Help is at hand from us here at DriveTribe, however, as we've channelled our inner Clarkson, broken out the hammers, and rounded up ten of the best available for the man or woman that needs to hit stuff.

The wooden one

OX Tools Trade Hickory Handle Claw Hammer 16 oz

With its polished claw head and good 'ol US of A hickory handle, this is hammering done right

Sometimes, a simple, classic wooden-handled hammer is all you need, and this hickory-handled claw hammer from OX Tools is one of the best hammers around if that's what you're after. With a handle made of genuine American hickory and a 16oz forged steel head, there's no need to worry about the durability of this well-made hammer.

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The top-quality one

Estwing Curved Claw Hammer

Delicate wrist? Worry not, this hammer's shock reduction grip reduces vibrations by 70%

Estwing is known for producing some of the best hammers around, and this 20oz curved claw beauty is a great all-rounder. Forged from a single piece of American steel in Rockford, Illinois, its distinctive blue shock reduction grip not only aids comfort, but reduces impact vibrations by as much as 70 percent. And, as Amazon user Dean Stanley attests, "The doubters amongst you may think... what's so special about it?' After holding it in your hand for the first time, you'll know." Yes Dean, but are we still talking about hammers?

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The budget one

STANLEY Fiberglass Curved Claw

This heavy hitter is priced to sell and has a sporty fibreglass handle

If you're looking for a heavy-hitting claw hammer but don't want to stretch your budget out to a fully steel , this fibreglass-handled number from Stanley could be the best hammer for you. It's fibreglass core not only aids with strength and durability, but it significantly lowers the price of this 20oz hammer compared to a comparably fully-steel one.

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The professional one

Bosch Professional Hammer

This German heavy hitter has been balanced like a tuning fork for consistent bashing

If you're looking to get the job done to a professional standard, this example from Bosch Professional is the hammer for you. With a 500g (17.6oz) head and one-piece forged steel construction, it's been designed to handle daily beatings on construction sites so it should be well up to the casual DIYer's punishment. Its chamfered edges are designed to prevent chipping, while its precisely-balanced head offers excellent control and maximum impact force.

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The ergonomic one

Spifflyer Stubby Hammer

This pint-sized hammer gives a heavyweight punch and has been ergonomically shaped for your comfort

If you find you're a bit clumsy, or don't fancy trying to hang onto a traditional smooth hammer grip all day, this more ergonomic Spifflyer 8oz hammer could be the best hammer for you. Featuring a soft, non-slip handle with ergonomic finger grips, it's small size makes it particularly portable and ideal for tackling smaller, more precise jobs with.

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The big blue one

Crack Hammer

This hammer can smash through your problems – ALL OF THEM

If you're really looking to do some heavy hitting, look no further than this 48oz club hammer from Estwing, which is one of the very best hammers around. A personal favourite from my own collection, it features the same forged steel construction and shock-reduction grip as the 20oz Estwing hammer mentioned earlier, but its heftier weight and design makes it ideal for driving hardened nails and cold chisels.

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The bang-for-your-buck one

Faithfull Fibreglass Club Hammer

The howitzer of hammers is also an absolute bargain

If you're looking for maximum bang-for-your-buck, quite literally, this one is probably going to be the best hammer for you. The 64lb Faithfull club hammer has been built specifically to British standards to be perfect for delivering close heavy blows to cold chisels or bolsters. Amazon user Deckard had some particularly kind words to say about, noting "It's incredibly sturdy with a very positive grip, and because of its weight, and impact surface size, it was a piece of cake making significant, well distributed grooves in some very hard paving."

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The massive one


This beauty goes through jewellers windows like a hot knife through butter

When someone mentions the word sledgehammer, the first thing that should come to mind – after the Peter Gabriel song "Sledgehammer", of course – should be this beast which is one of the best hammers when you're swinging big hits. With a colossal 128oz drop forged head, fibreglass shaft, and rubber handle for reduced vibration, it's big, but also affordable.

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The multi-purpose one

Pro Series Claw Bar with Non-slip Grip Handle

The Swiss Army knife of its field this bad boy can prise, pull, chisel and, obviously, hammer

If you're after a hammer that can do hitting, but also prying and pulling, this Pro Series Claw Bar from OX Tools could be the best hammer to suit your needs, as it features not only a unique hammer head, but also an extra wide chisel blade and bevelled claw, too, along with a rubberised non-slip grip to ensure safety.

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The personalised one

Personalised Engraved Hammer

Nothing says I love you like a personalised hammer shaft

Know a hammer enthusiast with a birthday/any celebration coming up? Well, this is the perfect gift for them. Made to order in the UK, these hammers are personalised with a custom message laser-engraved into the handle, it even comes presented in a gift box. And don't go thinking it's just a show piece. With an 8oz forged steel head and resplendent ash shaft, this aesthetic-pleaser can role its sleeves up like the best of them.

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