Chapter I - born and raised

Welcome to Race Bred Collective. And with no further delay, here's a little backstory.

My earliest recollection...my first memory of when I realized that an engine connected to some wheels arbitrarily through magic and pixie dust was going to be my debilitating spiral into debt, blood loss, late nights, and frustration, was somewhere around the time I could remember anything, really. 6 years old, maybe. My dad had procured a brochure for a 1996 Nissan Skyline GTR, in english (which I now realize may have been from a country other than Japan), and gave it to me to supplement my reading. I only remember this because I took a lot of pride in that it was a brochure of the least-enjoyed Godzilla...and made sure to remind myself during my times of great duress, with this lowly fact. I mean, I should probably have stuffed my head full of more important things at that age...but c'mon, 2.6L engine with two turbos strapped to it making over 300 (gentleman's agreement ignored) horsepowers driven through 4 tires...I had no idea what any of that meant. I just thought it looked cool.

My JDM 1991 Mazda RX7 T2 along side my friend Ryan's hilariously fast Integra GSR inhaling through a Precision SC5252 Turbo.

That love since blossomed...haha, to put so eloquently, into an obsession. Almost every life goal, every decision, every hobby, every friend, has been influenced by cars. Did you like cars? We're friends. Does this help me make money to buy/trade/modify cars? I'll do it. It was a pretty simple life plan to say the least.

I won't list my entire history, but it ranges quite broadly. From a 1986 Honda Accord (carbureted, automatic, but a COUPE!), to a 1991 Toyota Soarer imported from Japan, to (my first domestic) a 2014 Ford Focus ST; I've done my best to experiment with as many different cars and as many different powertrains as money and time would allow. Doing this allowed me to truly find what I wanted, the long term relationship I was seeking. What platform I was willing to sink my teeth into and what type of motorsport/s I wanted to accomplish with it.

My current car: 1989 Honda Civic Si Hatchback (more on this later)

Who knew it would end quite close to where I started.

So, we made it. The end of my first article. Just a little prefix to what I'm hoping is a long and arduous journey into my opinionated and often scrambled mind. And with that said, when did YOU become a petrolhead? When did you realize that a big piece of steel and plastic that makes a bunch of noise and moves around via rotating rubber circles was something you'd be forever encompassed in?