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OPINION: Well, the shit just hit the fan folks. Ferrari just ballsed it up once again. They should have got a 1-2, but instead they are just taking home just a third place. Now many of you would expect me to do an opinion piece on how Vettel's child-like stubbornness cost them the race win and a possible second consecutive 1-2, the first time for over a decade, but no, the centre of the disease is not Sebastian Vettel, it's Charles Leclerc.

Now when it was announced in September 2018 that Charles Leclerc would be replacing Kimi Raikkonen for the 2019 season at Ferrari, I was displeased to say the least, but alas, Leclerc showed some great pace in 2018 - enough to warrant him the seat when there were drivers on the market like Sainz? No, but still, it wasn't out of the bloom.

Whilst he should have won in Bahrain, up until France I wasn't impressed out of my mind. Sure, he was finishing in the top five consistently, but had only taken the occasional podium.

Then came Austria, where he had a great battle with Max Verstappen for the win... but he lost. You argued that strategy was the reason he lost, and maybe that is true, but on the second time around on defending, he didn't, just expecting one of the best overtakers on the grid to sit back and wait for the next lap.

However he did begin to race well, and when we reached Spa and Monza he showcased why he is considered as a future Ferrari World Champion, holding off Hamilton on both occasions.

But after taking those two wins Singapore came. Leclerc claimed a surprise win, but fortunately Vettel undercut him, with, to be fair, a monster outlap of which he took over four seconds out of the Monegasque, yet was acting slightly like a petulant child when realising that he lost the lead, and instead of attempting to reclaim the lead, he just complained on the radio.

Nevertheless, a Ferrari 1-2 ensued, and saw the team angle of the matter, and stated that nothing like this would happen again.

Then came Sochi.

Leclerc was the favourite to take pole since Singapore and did so quite easily, but Sebastian Vettel has the best start of the season, leapfrogging Hamilton and his team-mate before the first corner of the race track.

It was stated on the radio that Vettel would swap with Leclerc, even though Vettel fairly took the lead - fine, but then when it was thought they were allowed to race - Vettel was miles quicker - creating a four second lead over his team-mate by Lap 15 when the pit window.


Sorry, still a bit sour. They pitted Leclerc first, which I understood as drivers alternate the right to pit first at each grand prix, and at Russia Leclerc had that right, but they didn't pit Vettel for six laps even though he was pleading that his tyres were dead.

Eventually when they pitted him, he came out two seconds behind Leclerc, but the race was until, of course, Ferrari had an MGU-K problem, forcing Vettel to retire from what would have been a certain P2 at the very least.

Now, an MGU-K problem was a rotten bit of luck, and thanks to the Safety Car, Mercedes were able to get Hamilton and Bottas out ahead with Leclerc P3.

Leclerc pitted again, now having two laps fresher tyres, and a great chance of still taking his third win of the season.

Yet he couldn't pass the inferior Mercedes's car - people have been saying it all week - the Ferrari is monumentally quicker, yet the apparent wonder kid of Formula One couldn't overtake Bottas. If people are going to say Bottas is a great driver all of a sudden, I'll remind you of what all of you were saying after Hungary.

Leclerc isn't the next Senna. Stop comparing him to legends of the sport that actually had to fight for the career, rather than it being handed to him on a plate by Ferrari. Sure, he's talented, and whilst he is a great Saturday driver, he is still inferior to his four-time World Champion team-mate when it comes to Sunday.

Ted Kravitz was right - stating that this was Multi 2-1 Seb, Little Schumacher Seb. He's back for sure, and shows fighting spirit - I don't see that in Leclerc at the moment.

We say how talented he is, but let us not forget he is in the fastest car on the grid. Put Carlos Sainz Jr, Nico Hulkenberg, Lando Norris or Kevin Magnussen in these cars, and I can guarantee you the margins will be minimal.

Challenge me in the comments, I dare you. Leclerc is talented - yes, but he is still petulant and immature. I remember the days when you had to fight for your life to get into a Ferrari, when you had at least 5-10 years in the sport before they tapped your shoulder - but instead it's bee handed to him on a plate.

I may be too extreme - I probably am, but Vettel is a better driver than Leclerc. Sure, Leclerc has more raw speed, but Vettel is calm and composed (I hear you saying Monza - we all make mistakes), and doesn't complain on the radio anymore, not since his Red Bull days. It would be foolish to give Leclerc No.1 status now.

Challenge me in the comments.

I dare you.

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  • WTF is that title!!! Leclerc doesn't deserve this bollocks - he is the better driver at Ferrari. DT should be regulated.

    1 month ago
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  • So you think that it’s surprising that a four-time world champion is more composed than a 21 year old in his second F1 season? Give the kid a break!

    1 month ago
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    • You can't give "The Kid" a break just because he is a kid. He's racing for Ferrari, he came there too early, but now he's diving everyone. Sure, he's talented, but he needs to get a...

      Read more
      1 month ago
    • Yeah clearly Hamilton didn’t whine did he when he was younger. And what about Verstappen? How many races did he screw up because of impatience last year.

      1 month ago


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