CHARLIE X-RAY. Captain Kirschner’s Classic ’80 CX500 Brat Café

What does a pilot choose when he want to get away from it all on the weekends? This is what...

3y ago

It’s no coincidence that pilots and bikes go together like jets and turbines. After all, the perfect bike on the perfect road is about a close to flying as you can get without a pilot’s licence. And for Canada’s Nic Kirschner, who’s an airline pilot by trade, there’s nothing better than taking a break from his day job of screaming through the air at high-speed to speed all weekend doing the very same thing, albeit with less hostesses and in-flight movies.

“I’m an airline pilot living in Vancouver,” says Nic. “It’s kind of expensive to live here, let alone have space for a shop. Luckily, I grew up not too far away in the suburbs where my Mom still lives. I took over the garage there about 5 years ago when I started having the time to pursue my hobbies. Since then I’ve turned the space into a wood and metal-working shop where I mostly build furniture and, of course, work on the bike”.


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