Chassis #008 - T01

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Let's start with T01. All P1 GTRs have a 'T' number: the 2 factory cars are T1 and T2, while all the customer cars have 'Txx'. The 2 numbers following the T relate to the build number of the car, therefore this being T01 makes it a rather special car.

Photo credit: McLaren Automotive

Meanwhile, the 88 is simply the number used on the car, which is also the number used on the owner Alexander West's 650S GT3 car that he races in the GT Open. #008 is the chassis number of the car, presumably chosen to keep with the 8 theme.

Owner Alexander West in his 650S GT3

The livery of this car takes inspiration from the livery used by F1 GTR #08R in 1997 and 1998 while it was being used for marketing (mainly in the UK) for West. This makes the livery very appropriate both for the owner's name, and the fact that P1 GTR #008 wears the same livery that F1 GTR #08R once wore.

P1 GTR #008 has also been an active member of the P1 GTR track program, having participated in a number of McLaren's 'rounds', including 'Round 1' in Barclona in October 2015.

For more of this P1 GTR, make sure you check out the owner's YouTube channel:

Thank you to McLaren F1 fanatic Greg Hurst for the information on F1 GTR #08R, give him a follow:

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