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Cheap Car Challenge: The Patagonia Special

What would you drive?

Kyan T posted in All Polls
4w ago

You're tasked with driving across Patagonia. Not so hard if you have an SUV or other good off-roader right?

Well, it won't be that easy. You must buy a sports car with a V8 for less then 10,000 pounds (15,000 USD, 20,000 AUD). You also get an extra 2,000 pounds for any modifications you wish, but be prepared for extremely rough terrain.

The route is from Bariloche to Ushuaia. You'll have to cross mountains, swamps, arid plains, dried lake beds, forests, straights and rocky beaches, all while carrying building supplies to construct a stadium when you reach the end point.

Before you go looking for your vehicle, here's some choices I've found.

1. 1973 Cadillac Eldorado


Low and slow, this beauty will get you there in style, if it does get you there. Also needs a good clean.

1984 Mercedes-Benz 380SEC


German reliability. Another word for indestructible. But is it really?

1992 Toyota Soarer GT


What can fail with an underrated Japanese sports car. Let's see.

Now I'll see what you'll come up with. All car-selling websites are allowed, but the car has to be used. No new cars or demos. Yes I did base this on the Top Gear special of season 22. I'm out of ideas. Get commenting!

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