Cheap Car Challenges Are Not Returning To The Grand Tour Season 2

Despite fans wishes, it appears The Grand Tour will not be bringing back the much loved cheap car challenges

3y ago

A few days ago, The Grand Tour released a number of behind the scenes photos for the upcoming Season 2, and also announced their new book: The Grand Tour Guide to the World.

Included in these bts photo were a number of pictures of the boys in "cheap" cars, giving rise to the rumor that cheap car challenges, some of the most beloved segments of Clarkson era Top Gear, were making a comeback. In these pictures you can see two muddy vehicles stuck in some sort of bog, and another picture with three older Jags.

Cheap car challenges were, for the most part, absent from Season 1 of The Grand Tour, with the closest example being the environmentally friendly cars episode. Having segments like that return would be awesome for the upcoming season, but sadly, that doesn't seem to the case.

The Drive contacted Amazon to verify if these pictures were taken from a cheap car challenge, and unfortunately, it was confirmed that the muddy car segment will not be appearing in this season of The Grand Tour.

It appears these cheap car challenges are a part of the legal agreement between Amazon and the BBC, which doesn't allow for the boys to do various things like have a Stig or say "Oh, cock." Cheap car challenges are a part of the agreement.

Regardless, we are inching closr to the Season 2 premiere date and I, for one, cannot wait!


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Comments (30)

  • James does still say Oh Cock. Also I don't believe this. Also last season they had the Maserati challenge which was definitely a cheap car challenge. There is so much wrong with this article.

      3 years ago
  • If legal reasons were the case, surely they could just call them 'three cars that are similar in some way or another challenges'. Like with the three jags.

      3 years ago
  • Can they just post a copy of that agreement so we know what’s been banned on both shows?

      3 years ago
  • F**k the BBC, their ratings have plummeted since the boys left. Clearly we are fans of the Trio not the BBC. It seems that these regulations they set are just a last ditch effort to hold on to some ratings.

      3 years ago
  • Alternatively, Amazon could set up a "donate your car" that would remove the "cheap" label but still allow the guys to run similar challenges and the leftover cars could be put toward charitable endeavors. Free thought, freely offered.

      3 years ago