As I’m writing this, Easter will be soon approaching! The May bank holiday will be looming. The major shops are already preparing to stack themselves with cut price Easter eggs and if I eat any more chocolate before Christmas I’ll turn into Bibendum. (True motoring enthusiasts will know who I mean - if not, Google image it) Not that there’s anything wrong with cheapo Christmas or Easter choccie mind you.

Most of it hasn’t even reached a ‘best before’ or ‘display until’ date yet and it’s on sale at a fraction of the original price.
It’s just that Easter is the next ‘event’. It’s a bit like like buying Christmas pud in February.

Now, if only model cars had ‘best before’ dates on them.

Hobby shops everywhere would be packed ten minutes before closing time with chubby middle-aged housewives (or househusbands) digging through the ‘reduced’ shelves, pawing at the bargains being put out at cut prices. We would all be stashing kits away for the future at a minimal cost.

And best of all, the kits wouldn’t go green and furry, smelling like the inside of a wheelie bin after a few days, like your average discounted pork pies. You wouldn’t even need to freeze them.

Well, we might not be able to get these kinds of bargains very often except maybe on Ebay, or a few hobby special offers pages. Keep your eyes peeled. Bargains really are out there.

Even the HUGE Pocher 1/8 model kits were recently being put out at almost half price by a few on line model shops.
I resist saying who, as I don’t want to be accused of advertising.

Anyway, there are still a few model kits available in the ‘lower’ price range, especially as ‘best before’ dates on kits haven’t been implemented by Brussels just yet.
Mind you, will that make any difference now?

We shall see...

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