Cheapkhana is the ultimate Gymkhana parody featuring a shed of a Ford Fiesta

1y ago


Since Ken Block started slaying tyres in the name of entertainment, many have tried to mimic his now firmly established Gymkhana format with varying levels of success.

Now though, a very brave man by the name of Etienne Guerra has delivered his take on how a car video should be done with his ‘Cheapkhana’ short. His drift weapon of choice? A humble 1994 “Ford Fiesta No RS” with front-wheel drive and ‘nearly’ 60hp, which is about 1,350hp less than Block’s insane Hoonicorn V2.

The humble Fiesta has been outfitted with a full racing livery, featuring Monster and Hoonigan logos and even blue detailing to mimic Block’s own Fiesta. It’s fully stripped out with the trademark extended handbrake to make sure it can slide with the best of them.

The tiny Fiesta makes up for that massive shortfall in the horsepower department by being surprisingly drift-able through the abandoned warehouse complex with its tiny four-pot motor being revved so hard you expect the valves to dance on the bonnet at any moment.

One thing that does really stand out in this short, is the clever camera work with the first-person POV and drone shots perfectly mimicking the Gymkhana videos for a whole lot less money.

So, what shed of a car would be your pick to make your own ‘Cheapkhana’? Let us know in the comments.