Check how 700Hp of Lancer Evo brutality feels from the Inside

A crazy ride with Thomas Kessler behind the wheel of his bewinged Lancer Evo VIII HillClimber

This is Kessler Motorsport´s monstruous Lancer Evo VIII, powered by a 4G63 engine unit stroked to 2.2L and capable of around 700Hp/800Nm, all this thanks to specially developed Hardware by HPT (Horse Power Technics). Driven by Thomas Kessler, it is one of the recognizable Hillclimb Race Cars from Switzerland with its very aggressive Voltex bodykit.

Weighing around 1100Kg, this machine has seen continuous development through the years and on 2018 it has been fitted with an even more aggressive Aero package like you can see here on this full run of the mythic St. Ursanne - Les Rangiers HillClimb.

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