Check out Mr Bean's V16 Phantom

Check out the Rolls Royce that he has fitted with an enormous V16 engine.

36w ago

Mr Bean needs no introduction-he is considered as one of the world's funniest and most awkward man but did you know that the actor is also an avid car lover and collector?

Rowan Aktinson revealed his prized possesion while dropping in on Top Gear as a guest. He explained to Jeremy Clarkson how special his phantom was, and we say special because under the bonnet lies a unique 9.0 litre V16 engine instead of the usual 6.75 litre V12 all phantoms have. According to Atkinson, Rolls Royce designed the Phantom especially for this engine, but changed their mind at the last minute. The V16 engine was hanging around the company’s store until Atkinson - knowing of its existence and history - specifically asked for it to be dropped into a Phantom. And yes, the car was also used for Johnny English "Reborn" .

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Comments (2)

  • I don’t think you would talk about the engine of your car to a partner who isn’t into cars cause either they won’t understand what you’re on about, or they just don’t care at all. Otherwise i agree with you but the fact that this is a one of a kind phantom makes it cool itself, even though you can’t see the difference until you drive it

      8 months ago
  • Now, I did vote uncool, and the reason is the original cool wall was based if you turned up infront of a romantic partners house in said car. Now if you have to explain why this phantom is more special to others, it ruins its appeal and makes you look like an anorak, there for being uncool

      8 months ago