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Check Out My Latest Lego Creation!

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A good portion of you guys have had a toy steering wheel as a kid, right? I had the one for the Speed Racer Movie back in ‘07. For a while, I used a pen as a makeshift gearstick. It worked… if you stretched your imagination a bit. Because in reality, it would’ve worked better as an automatic (going forward and backward). Seeing as I wanted to up the realism, I turned to 90 percent of the planet’s favorite past time: Legos. Some 7 years of improvement, I’ve polished it up and decided to share it with everyone!

If you want more details on the toy in the picture then click the link below the summary. I’d appreciate any and all support! Thanks for reading, feel free to comment I'll get back to as many as I can!

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  • God how did I miss this one??? It’s awesome!

    3 days ago
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