Check out the interior of this 5221 horsepower electric hypercar!

I have one word to describe this car: BONKERS!

32w ago

W​ritten by: Rahil Hashmi

We were all left impressed after seeing the simplicity and intelligence of the first Tesla Model S cabin but, since then, there haven’t really been any other electric cars with a cool interior- they’ve all been the same.

Luckily, Bulgarian company ALIENO want to change this but before I tell you about the interior, let’s just talk about some of the other bonkers things about this car.

It’s caled the Arcanum and it promises to produce 5,221 hp and 8800 Nm of torque (6,550 lb-ft) along with a range of 1,020 km! These insane figures come from a 180kWh battery pack which only takes four minutes to charge- FOUR!

Today, ALIENO shared some images of the Aracnum’s interior and my gosh, is it cool!

With its hexagonal screens and sci-fi lighting, the Arcanum looks like it’s just come back from the year 2040! This isn’t too surprising though as ALIENO designed the Arcanum with the purpose of creating something that looks like some sort of spaceship!

We want our customers to feel like they are in the cockpit of a spaceship.

E​ncho enchev

One of my favourite features about the interior of the Alcanum is its voice assistant which has been dubbed as “The Alien.”

With a large glovebox, room for drivers over 6’7”, the option to get 4 cup holders along with a bunch of other cool and luxurious features, from the inside, the Arcanum appears to be less of a car and more of some sort of yacht with wheels... and over 5,000 hp.

How will this change the way cars are built?

Every so often, we get the odd car manufacturer that’ll show us a photo of the exterior of a car and say that it will do 300 mph but that’s about it- they don’t put in any work to make these projects a reality but ALIENO are.

ALIENO are trying their best to get this thing into production and they are going to get there, and once they do, the way cars are built will change.

This is because the Alcanum will be one of the few hypercars that will ensure that customers are comfortable when they’re doing 300 mph. Furthermore, the Alcanum’s interior has so many new design features that other manufacturers will have to up their game just to remain in the same league as ALIENO.

All I’m going to say is this: the Alcanum won’t just benefit ALIENO, it’ll benefit the whole motoring industry.

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Comments (21)

  • It looks ugly. Very, very ugly.

      7 months ago
  • This spells V-A-P-O-R-W-A-R-E

      7 months ago
  • It looks like a Lamborghini thats taken even more steroids than usual

      7 months ago
  • here comes another Devel Sixteen, and again an ugly one

      7 months ago
  • I love the looks of it!

      7 months ago