Check out the testing programme for the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

The hotly anticipated Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is currently completing its final test drives.

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The forthcoming Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo has been put through its paces as part of an extensive testing programme that's visited the Nürburgring Nordschleife, the Pyrenees and proving grounds around the world.

The cross utility vehicle, which is due to be unveiled soon, has also been tested off the beaten track in the south of France and at the Weissach Development Centre, where the Safari track tested its off-roading capabilities.

With a total of 998,361 testing kilometres completed, the Cross Turismo prototypes have circumnavigated the globe almost 25 times. At the same time, a camouflaged car has been on a carefully planned global tour for members of the media since the beginning of the year. In just six weeks, the prototype visited the five largest markets for the Cross Utility version of the Taycan: the US, the UK, Norway, the Netherlands and Germany.

The new derivative features all the strengths of the Taycan sports saloon such as superior performance and long range. The chassis with all-wheel drive and air suspension is height-adjustable. There is also significantly more headroom for the passengers in the rear and a large load capacity under the tailgate. The package and space conditions have been optimised down to the very last detail. The mock-up, a faithful, physical representation of the interior, and the package function model alone took 650 design, electronic and coordination hours and 1,500 workshop hours to complete.

Stefan Weckbach

Stefan Weckbach

“When developing the Cross Turismo, we were of course able to build on our experience with the Taycan sports saloon. The biggest challenge was combining the requirements of sportiness with off-road capabilities,” says Vice President Model Line, Stefan Weckbach: “The Cross Turismo has to be capable of high performance on the racing track and must also be able to handle scree, mud and gravel.” The latter conditions were simulated on the Endurance Testing Ground at the Development Centre in Weissach. “The result is impressive," adds Weckbach. "However, the Cross Turismo is not a hardcore off-road vehicle, but specialises in unpaved and dirt roads. It’s like a type of Swiss army knife on up to 21-inch wheels.”

The new rear bicycle carrier designed by Porsche for this model also underwent the rigorous testing programme with rough road tracks and driving dynamics tests. It sets new benchmarks when to comes to handling, ergonomics, driving safety and stability. Several e-bikes can be transported on its generously spaced wide rails.

The Taycan Cross Turismo will launch on to the European market this summer.

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  • Oh I want it, why did you show this to me!? I would take a hybrid Panamera wagon.

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