UK transport tech firm Ricardo has developed a fully militarized version of the 2019 Ford Ranger.

Ricardo says this modification shows how the Ranger can offer a “highly cost-effective multi-role transportation product for defence and other security-related applications”.

This Ranger comes with a range of powertrain options, including Ford’s powerful and refined 213 PS 2.0-litre EcoBlue Bi-turbo diesel powertrain, which produces 500 Nm of torque for excellent load-hauling capability. This is mated to an advanced new 10-speed automatic transmission for “easy, economical driving”. Yeah right.

Key features also include a rollover protection system; a ring mounted weapon system, similar to that used in the WMIK; an armoured ballistic underfloor and armoured glass; lightweight but heavy-duty front and rear bumpers; skid plates for the radiator, powertrain and fuel tank; rock sliders and improved wading/fording protection; NATO IRR paint/camouflage and 4-point seat harnesses.

In addition, the 24V electrical system is enhanced to provide the power requirements and EMC protection expected of modern defence vehicle applications, and the chassis can be equipped with upgraded springs, dampers, brakes, heavy-duty wheels and all-terrain tyres, offering greater ride height and more versatile towing capacity.

It's not the first time Ricardo has militarized a vehicle. The company was responsible for the design and construction of a fleet of WMIK light attack Land Rovers and the all-new Foxhound vehicles, both of which are currently being used by the British Army.

Special vehicles director at Ricardo, Paul Tarry said: “The adaptation of existing and well-proven automotive platforms for defence roles provides an opportunity to deliver a robust, fit-for-purpose and highly cost-effective package that is easy to maintain, benefitting as it does from an established international supply chain of parts and service.”

Ricardo worked closely with Polaris Government and Defense in delivering this project.

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