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Check out this hand controlled NASCAR Pikes Peak build

Rob "Chairslayer" Parson's turbo V8 powered hand controlled NASCAR.

42w ago

Rob "Chairslayer" Parson is well known around the drift community, but he has begun branching out into time attack racing. He hooked up with his buddy Cole Powelson of LYFE Motorsport and Sierra Cars and began getting seat time in his Time Attack GTR. After that he clearly got hungry for Pikes Peak which brings us to this NASCAR build.

Getting the elephant out of the room, Parson went off track in this NASCAR close to the start line, but that does not take anything from the ability of him nor the car.

To get all the details on his hand controlled beast, check out the recent episode of Hoonigan AutoFocus above!

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Comments (9)

  • why does it say Gran-Turismo

      9 months ago
    • They sponsor motorsports. Thats like saying why is there a Red-coloured bull on some of the cars.

        9 months ago
  • It's perfect for a paralyzed person

      9 months ago
  • Hand controlled? No pedals????

      9 months ago
  • first run went “bruh”

      9 months ago
  • I watched all his YouTube vids on how he went about setting up his drift car, bloody smart bloke. He does all his own R&D with his team.

      9 months ago