Check Out This Super-Rare, Stock Toyota Supra

The idea of a 'barn find' is something incredibly exciting to all petrolheads. There's something exciting about finding a car that's been sat still for years just waiting for your love and attention.

Aimee Upson was one of the lucky people to discover such a car. Upon learning of a 'virgin' Supra for sale in Wellington, New Zealand, she headed straight down to do a deal.

We'll be detailing the story and the car's restoration in a full feature shortly. For now, enjoy these pictures of the stock RZ Supra affectionately known as The Unicorn!

All of the photos here were taken by Aimee herself so if you like what you see, go follow her on Instagram: @nz.ruby

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  • I don't believe any of these are still stock until I see evidence! I looked for one a few years ago. I concluded they'd ALL been heavily modified... She must have found a real hens tooth. Can't wait to read about the resto!

    1 year ago


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