C​heck out this unique Jeep Wrangler being auctioned on Cars & Bids

L​isted on Doug DeMuro’s Cars & Bids, this Jeep Wrangler is unlike any other Wrangler on the planet.

1w ago

Q​uite an interesting, unique Jeep. Unlike most heavily modified Jeeps, this one won’t cost you a fortune as at the time of writing, the highest bid stands at $10,500.

Unlike the standard car, this modified Wrangler has four doors and a third row of seats. This is all a result of the 4.5-foot extension the car has undergone. The modifications were carried out back in March 2006 by Illusion Coach Builders.

Due to the extensive modifications, performance has obviously been compromised however the Wranger still handles reasonably well as it’s powered by a 4.0-litre I6 which sends power to all four wheels via a 4-speed automatic transmission.

YouTuber and founder of Cars & Bids Doug DeMuro made a commended on the car saying: “THIS IS AMAZING!!! Long before there was the "official" Wrangler Unlimited, people wanted extra seats -- and conversions like these made it possible. This particular Wrangler has not just four doors but THREE-ROW SEATING -- so if you've ever wanted an extra practical Wrangler, well, here ya go. This also has 4-wheel drive and just 42,000 miles, and I'm just so amazed with it. On a side note, I've seen this particular Wrangler in person: for years it was a fixture on Nantucket Island, where it always drew a crowd of curious onlookers -- so if you buy this Jeep, be prepared to be the talk of wherever you go with it, as nobody has ever seen anything like this.”

A​s previously mentioned, the highest bid at the time of writing is $10,500. The auction ends tomorrow (June 7) so if you’re interested in placing a bid, be quick.

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Comments (6)

  • THIS.... should never be taken off roading

      11 days ago
  • Anyone viewed the crash test stats on these, even the latest... So then, why would you buy one? Just asking!

      11 days ago
    • For fun to cruise around in

        10 days ago
    • More accidents happen within 1 mile of your home then anywhere, not cruising far to die...

        3 days ago
  • L O N G

      10 days ago
  • It looks so odd compared to the factory made four doors

      10 days ago