Check your watches...

It's apology time.

Alright then, what have I done this time.....

Sorry Toby Rubie for saying that your profile picture is uglier than Resfuscia from 'Norbit'. I always liked Resfuscia anyway.

Sorry Toby Rubie for calling Hettie stupid. I definetely haven't forgotten who Hettie even is.

Sorry Ferdi Kamphuis for saying that tea is better than coffee. I hate tea. And mmm I love coffee.

Sorry to the entire aviation industry (I guess that goes to Will and Nolan here) for saying that your silly planes are ruining my lovely blue sky. The clouds ruined it in the end anyway.

Sorry to all of Russia for calling you lot a bunch of treacherous, immoral half-wits. Russia has always been a hidden gem in my heart (ha yeah right).

Sorry Ben Klock just because you wanted to be in the post. Wait did I seriously just apologise for that? I did.....ok then.

Sorry Lukas Shepherd for saying that if I wanted a wagon, I would die and attend my funeral in a hearse.

Sorry Hyundai for calling you model range 'boring as shit'. I mean it is but still I'm sorry.

Sorry Mikael Martensson for saying your opinion is worthless........idk what to add about that one.

Sorry Lukas Shepherd for hating you for saying "Hi ..........., my name is Lukas!" everytime I spoke. I do not hate you I promise😅.

Sorry Amogh for preferring your dead ghost-version of you more than you in real life. I am glad you didn't die.

Sorry Lukas Shepherd for peacefully protesting against your wagon competition. All of the wagons were the most beautiful cars I've ever seen.

Sorry the far-left for saying you are all a bunch whiny self-obsessed freaks of nature. I'm gonna leave that one there.

Sorry to the three brands I am currently destroying in my three brands that are going downhill post which ic currently in the works.

Sorry Jake Savoie for saying that the best truck in the world was in fact a British SUV😂.

Sorry Jake Savoie for not knowing what utilitarian really is. I know now that for utility, you get a Ranger (jk I'm being an arse).

Sorry to the million and one people who didn't get put in the drivetribers quiz. I am simply too lazy, but a adding more people rn.

Sorry to the Republic of Ireland for saying that my government is an absolute disgrace and that our taoiseach should never have been put in the chair he somehow finds himself sitting in. I stand that by that though idc.

Sorry Nolan Carter for presumably doing something😁.

Sorry Amogh Hampiholi for existing.

That's all for now, same time next week?

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