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If you have been reading my articles you know that I am a huge Aston Martin fan. They are the reason I am a Red Bull racing fan, I loved F1 but didn’t know who to support. Then I saw that Aston Martin had their name on a car and it was easy to choose after that. And if you have been paying attention to the progress of this Formula 1 season you will have heard mention over and over, about BWT Racing Point becoming Aston Martin F1 Team at the end of this season when the company’s contract is up with Red Bull. As a Red Bull and Aston Martin fan this is an utter nightmare of a choice to have to make… until now.

Speculation throughout this season about the driver line-up really wasn’t there because of two factors. One; The teams leading board member is Lawrence Stroll the father of driver Lance Stroll… need I say more? The other, Sergio Perez. He has been with the team almost 7 years and has been a solid driver. Perez also signed a 2 year extension with the team back in August but that has been tossed out the window to make room for the four time world champion, Sebastian Vettel.

Now I love Vettel, I think that there is a lot going on behind the scenes with Ferrari that we aren’t aware of, outside of the fact that their car is horrible. With the right car and team behind him, with a multi-year deal, we will see a much more consistent drive from Vettel next year. As crazy as it is to say that getting dropped from Ferrari is the best thing for his career right now, it is. Ferrari is just a hot mess and will probably have quite a tough year next season. All of their attention is no doubt on the regulation changes coming up so the next Ferrari car has the potential to be just as bad as this one if not worse. Carlos Sainz will have quite the adjustment to make when he goes to the prancing horse.

I think this could also have some impact on Aston Martin when trying to sign on the driver market. As I said before, Checo was signed to a long term contract and Racing Point threw it out the window to make room for Vettel. As a team who is going to be very attractive to drivers in the near future, they are going to want to seem stable. I think that this was a unique opportunity for them to sign a championship winning driver to a “brand” new team, it just makes sense. However, it might have hurt their reputation slightly to have thrown out a contract of a driver that has been loyal for the last 7 years.

I'm excited to see Aston Martin with some championship pedigree right out of the gate.

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