Chelsea truck company will turn the Jimny into a mini G-Class and Defender too

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2y ago

The cute 4x4 from Suzuki is the latest (if a little unexpected) hit amongst car tuners, people fall in love with it's boxy appearance, rugged personality and go anywhere attitude, that's so reminiscent of cult classics like the Land Rover Defender and Mercedes G-Class but for a fraction of the price.

The two icons became a hit with farmers and bling-bling seeking city-dwellers looking to show off their style & wealth, in a practical manner. This lead to companies like Overfinch or the 'Chelsea Truck Company' creating bespoke models with price tags to rival an Italian super-car.

The Chelsea Truck Company is the latest tuner to jump on the Jimny bandwagon with the company's founder Afzal Kahn posting an early design sketch of the G-Class inspired Jimny, with the following caption ' The GWagon inspired friendly vehicle for a 6th of the price!'

Despite this literal being the first sketch, a list of modification was already posted listing: Wide Body , Front Vented Bumper , Rear Vented Bumper , Bonnet Unit , Wide Body , Front Vented Grille , Wide Wheel Arches , LED Headlamps , Front Vented Bumper , 19” G6 Wheels , Rear Vented Bumper , Performance Quad Exhaust , Bonnet Unit , Quilted Perforated Leather, and a Front Vented Grille . All it's mean to cost just £24,995!

But the G-Class isn't the only car that the company is busy turning the little Jimny into, after all it's the Chelsea Truck Company not Stuttgart, so a press release followed soon after on the Chelsea Truck Company revealing the Jimny Defender by Khan.

It also gave us some more details on the potential interior upgrades for the little Jimny stating 'quilted and perforated leather will adorn the front and rear seats, centre glove box and arm rests will be made all the more special by subtle touches such as branded sill plates and vented foot pedals.'. The release date isn't yet known.

The price of £24,995 seems a little too good and it's not stated directly whether it's the cost of the whole car or just the modifications, then again with the base Jimny costing from £15,495 it would leave nearly £10,000 for modifications and profit. If it will cost just £24,995 pounds it might seriously shake up the market a little as it would prove a ton of value in terms practicality, luxury and status.

Recently we wrote about a Japanese company Damd offering very similar range of kits for the Jimny, you can check it out here:

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