CHEQUERED PAST. Titan’s Very Seasoned BMW R80RT Endurance Racer

Here's an ex-cop, ex-crop Beemer from Austria's Titan Motorcycles. Ying and Yang, much?

3y ago

Here’s a movie idea. A BMW that’s owned by the chief of police gets purchased by a somewhat suspect hemp farmer who uses it for ‘deliveries’. It’s then customised by a bunch of Austrian bike freaks and turned into an endurance racer for a wealthy goldsmith. Too far-fetched to be believable? Think again, because that’s the gospel truth when it comes to the history of Titan Motorcycles’ latest build, a BMW R80RT endurance racer.

“The bike’s an ‘87 BMW R80 RT,” says Titan’s Michael Siebenhofer. “It’s first owner was someone very high up in the Wuppertal Police near Düsseldorf. Conversely, the Austrian guy we brought it off was a real character. He collects old Horex bikes and rigid frame Harleys; he’s also the CEO of the local hemp farm,” laughs Mike. Talk about going from one extreme to the other.


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