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Tattooed fans of V8 muscle rejoice! The Mustang’s angry rival is finally coming to Australia – despite GM initially saying that they weren’t at all jealous of the huge success of the Mustang down under.

Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) will be importing and converting the 2018 Chevrolet Camaro to right-hand-drive, but because it’s such an iconic car, they won’t be changing the badges. Although the top of the range ZL1 won’t be joining the party unfortunately, the next model down, the SS, will.

So how does it look? Actually, not too much different from the previous Camaro, which won design awards, only this one’s sharper. While not quite as sleek as your typical sports car, it’s important to bear in mind this is a muscle car, not a sports car. And against the Mustang, I personally prefer the styling of the Camaro. Angrier, and just all round more serious.

And then there’s the interior. This is where the Camaro takes the lead against all its rivals. A more modern cabin, with leather sports steering wheel and sports seats with optional heating. There are also four different driving modes and four different powertrain options, and yes, believe it or not, you can get 4G Wi-Fi built into your Camaro. What more could you want in a muscle car?

Contrasting colour stitching is A GREAT THING.

And let me tell you, they are not called "muscle cars" for nothing. For the SS option available in Australia, you get a 339 kW 6.2-litre naturally-aspirated V8. If that wasn’t enough, the Camaro ZL1 (unfortunately not coming to Australia because of emissions regulations) adds a supercharger. Both specs are fitted with high-performance Brembo brakes, so it can stop fast as well.

All terrific, until we get to the price. HSV hasn’t confirmed the final number yet, but it will be around $95K, which is about $40,000 more expensive than the Mustang. Hence they’ve said they’re not really rivals. But considering some people paid over $100,000 to have the steering wheel moved to the correct side of their Camaros in the past, this new one will have a market too - epecially since the V8 Commodore is now dead.

I certainly hope it does, because I’d love to see a few of these machines on the school run.


PHOTO CREDIT: NetCarShow.com (Overseas model shown, but according to HSV website photos)

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