Who doesn’t like convertibles! All that open-air driving while looking cool. And who doesn’t want to look cool, more specifically if you’re in Dubai. Well, as the population of that place doesn’t shy off from showing off, the Americans have decided to bring their idea of a cool show off.

Chevrolet introduces the new hardtop convertible Corvette Stingray in Dubai. Debuting in 1953 as a convertible, the Corvette builds back on that history as the 2020 iteration becomes the first model in half a century to be mid-engined and feature a hardtop roof.

While most convertibles are coupes first, Chevrolet did this model the other way round. It was the convertible derivative which saw the inside of a wind tunnel first, which had a sand model sculpted out first and which went into the assembly line first.

Chevrolet describes the boot space in the Stingray as suitable enough to store two sets of golf clubs, with the hardtop tucked down. The frunk or the front storage compartment is said to be capable of withholding an airline-spec carry-on and a laptop bag. I believe, if Chevrolet measured the luggage spaces with on a gold bar scale, the Corvette would’ve had a better selling proposition here.

The company claims the design of this 2020 Corvette Stingray was inspired by fighter jets. Even the nacelles, which sit above the Corvette’s tonneau cover is said to be influenced by the jet engine housings and hence have been shaped aerodynamically. It helps reduce air circulation in the cabin and makes you look fantastic in the crowd. Notably, the latter, if you decide to equip your roof and nacelles with the optional Carbon Flash metallic-paint.

But what comes over those nacelles is the hardtop. For better reliability and faster operation time of the hardtop, the carmaker decided to switch hydraulic systems for six electric motors, a Corvette first. Hence, operating the same requires you to keep the speeds under 30mph (48kph) while the entire roof retraction takes just 16 seconds!

Further attempts to keep the cabin quiet include the addition of a power-adjusting divider glass window in the middle of the vehicle. As it smoothens out the air drag at the centre of the convertible, it leads to reduced air circulation and wind noise inside the cabin, making it a quieter place to be seated.

But quietness is something you wouldn’t want, especially if you have a naturally aspirated V8 behind you. Yes, powering this Stingray convertible is a 6.2-litre Small Block V-8 LT2 engine, churning out 495hp and 637Nm of torques (when mated to the firm’s performance exhaust). If you're on a no-turbo November on a permanent basis, the Corvette seems to be the perfect answer as it is the only naturally aspirated V8 model in the entire segment.

Chevrolet has paired the LT2 engine with its first-ever eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. Said to offer lightning-fast shifts while providing seamless power transfer, the gearbox claims to provide the user with the best of both - sporty and leisurely worlds. Need more manual control but can’t find a clutch pedal? You can activate the double-paddle de-clutch feature by holding down both the paddle-shifters to disconnect the clutch for a higher sense of manual control.

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray convertible is said to arrive at dealerships soon with prices for the same expected to be announced shortly.

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