Chevrolet is preparing to annihilate the 2020 racing season.

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The C8.R race-car is based off of the remarkable 2020 C8 Corvette and although we have no information at the moment on performance stats and what we can expect to see from the car this coming year, we can agree that Chevrolet will be showing their teeth.

However one thing that we know for sure, is that the C8.R has some major aerodynamic upgrades compared to the base model, road going C8. With an enormous diffuser and a towering rear wing dominating the rear end of the C8.R, the face of this brilliant machine is formed and fitted with all sorts of aerodynamic upgrades that Chevrolet is hoping will push their car through the wind at mind-bending speeds.

But what will be behind the racer when it debuts at Daytona for the Rolex24? Well, chances are Chevrolet will pull out the 6.2 liter V8 that is found in their production model of the C8. Listening to the C8.R run practice laps this year, you can tell that this sounds nothing like the production car that it is modeled after.

Listen to this animal scream around the track -

What do you think of the Chevrolet C8.R? Does it have potential to dominate the incoming 2020 season? What engine do you think is in this track demon? Leave a bump and let me know in the comments what you think about the C8.R.

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Comments (17)
  • It's going to to be a rules maximum 5.5L flat planed DOHC V8. Bet.

    1 month ago
    5 Bumps
    • Of course it will be so for the Gte/Gtlm. May be,hopefully,this time, they will release a Gt3 version which can carry the 6.2

      1 month ago
      4 Bumps
    • Callaway will probably do just that.

      1 month ago
      3 Bumps
  • Looks like Ford will have to bring out some fancy liveries to try and beat the new C8. Their Gulf Oil livery just wont be fast enough anymore.

    1 month ago
    4 Bumps


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