Chevrolet kills the Corvette ZR1's 755hp LT5 Supercharged V8

Chevy's most powerful power plant is no more

18w ago

How often do we see a sports car from a reputed carmaker getting axed within a single year of production? The 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 saw its fate sealed in a similar way. And with it goes it’s potent power plant - the supercharged LT5 engine.

Automotive media house MotorTrend recently confirmed the discontinuation of Chevy’s 6.2-litre supercharged LT5 V8 engine. The engine doing duty in the C8 Corvette ZR1 was the American carmaker’s most powerful unit ever, with a power output of 755hp and 715 lb-ft of torques.

The engine is also available as an independent crate for around $19,0000, with the current count summing up as the LT5’s final inventory. No new LT5s shall get made anymore. Enthusiasts looking to provide an eye-watering boost to their car might want to get their hands on it before it gets exiled forever.

Apparently, talks of dropping this LT5 into the Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing were doing rounds as well. However, issues with the dry-sump system and necessary fitment requirements would’ve meant changing the car’s hood that would distort the driver’s vision. Furthermore, the 755hp engine was deemed too powerful for the sporty sedan from Cadillac, resulting in the idea getting shelved.

The LT5 could have enjoyed a final laugh only if the American carmaker chose to green-light the sixth-generation Camaro Z/28. Unfortunately, the Transformers car has been reporting bleak sales, which could entail its plug being pulled sooner or later. This allows the 650hp LT4, doing duty in the Camaro ZL1 and the previous-generation Corvette Z06, to hone the most powerful engine title within Chevrolet.

A total of 4,684 C7 ZR1s got built, and each carried this supercharged V8 engine. If brute all-American force is what you’re after, the C7 ZR1 could be a fitting weapon on wheels.

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Comments (8)

  • GM made a huge mistake not putting this into the Camaro.

      4 months ago
    • Could've injected new life into the Camaro, at least for another year....

      missed opportunities

        4 months ago
    • 4 months ago
  • After seeing what the UAW did to Marine Reservists years ago and seeing how money the UAW gives to socialist candidates who are creating regulatory rules that drive US industry offshore I haven’t been interested in many years nor will I buy a union made car. I did have a moment of weakness and bought the C6 version of the Z06 I was shocked at how badly made that car was I mean shockingly bad. It almost shot off a cliff into the Pacific after the brakes locked and traction/stability control went nuts. Turns out of you are tall like me the telescoping steering wheel pinches some wires and messes things up. And finally owning a Corvette and going to the forum to see grown men crying because they saw another vette and the owner didn’t return the Corvette wave was the final straw- sold that rattle trap at 10k miles for a loss- good riddance.

      4 months ago
  • if i ever get a C8 ill put a 632 big block and make run off of methanol

      4 months ago
  • Guess they are going to go with a power plant sourced from Hoover...

      4 months ago