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Chevrolet leaves Indonesia

If you are Indonesian and you want a Chevrolet, its now or never.

1y ago

Bad news, do to poor sales, Chevrolet will soon be no more in Indonesia. So, ford is dead and chevy will soon be dead in 2020. While its still here, go buy a chevy now. There is an Rp80,000,000 discount on all current models. What are the current models you ask? the price?

Colorado: 561,000,000 -> 486,000,000

Trailblazer: 494,000,000 -> 434,000,000

Trax: 325,000,000-> 245,000,000

Spark: 205,000,000 -> 165,000,000

The trax is a particularly interesting case as now it costs as much as a top model Toyota Avanza. Now the lower middle class can afford it.

Spareparts? shops? Good news and bad news. Starting from 2020, the repair shops will last for another 10 years before finally closing. so 2030 is the year where you should be concerned. Spareparts have always been difficult for chevrolet cars in Indonesia and it will only get harder. (also if you buy a chevy in indo then you are probably the person who is fine with a bit of difficulty with spareparts). I own a Chevrolet Spin and yeah spare parts are not plentiful to say the least.

General Motors is not dead in Indonesia, they have their Wuling brand that is going strong... for now.

So, what can I conclude from all of this? If you are Indonesian, you genuinely love chevrolet cars, then its now or never.

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