Chevrolet Previews Special Edition Truck for Texas State Fair

Chevrolet has a special treat for us coming up at the Texas State Fair next week.

4y ago

Texas Strong

This year, the State Fair of Texas is set to run from Friday, September 29th until Sunday, October 22nd. Chevrolet will take over the main stage with a concert series filled with different headliners and regional musicians from country to rock and hip-hop. Apart from just having their name on the main stage, Chevrolet is planning on taking some more of the spotlight.

The automaker has a special treat for its fans and has provided a little preview of what we can expect next week. With very few details released, Chevrolet has issues a single image of a heritage-inspired Chevy bowtie emblem that will likely be found on a special edition Silverado truck. In case you didn't know, next week also rings in Chevrolet’s centennial celebration of trucks, with some exciting things coming in 2018.

Vague, yet Intriguing

According to Chevrolet, the heritage-style bow bowtie badge was designed with a “special application in mind." This could mean that we will be seeing one or more Silverado trucks next week at the Fair to mark the 100 years of Chevy's successful pickups. Although the image is dark, we can see that the badge looks large in size and ties together a bit of the past and present.

Chevrolet has brought us a number of special edition Silverados in recent years However, celebrating something momentous like a 100th-year anniversary calls for a bit more. We will have to just wait and find out. Rest assured though, after all, Chevrolet rarely ever disappoints.

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