Chevrolet Silverado To Get Multifunction Tailgate For 2021

Chevrolet has confirmed that the Silverado will be getting a multifunction tailgate for 2021.

39w ago

Key Points:

1. The Chevy Silverado will get a multifunction tailgate for 2021, instead of 2022.

2. It's based on GMC's MultiPro tailgate which is now found on Sierra models.

3. More details will arrive on September 21st.


Chevrolet had previously said that a multifunction tailgate would be available on the Silverado pickup truck for 2022 - the date was just moved. Instead of 2022, a multifunction tailgate will be available on the Silverado in early 2021. Silverado owners became discouraged when GMC announced the MultiPro tailgate in 2019, revealing all its useful features and technology. Future Silverado owners, envy no more, you may now option a multifunction tailgate on to the Silverado.

How It Works

This new tailgate is named the Multi-Flex and has, in addition to the normal tailgate, an additional section that can folded down, making loading and securing cargo much easier. Additionally, a flap can be flipped up to prevent cargo from slipping out of the bed or be used as a step when the main tailgate is folded down.

The Competition

This isn't a new idea, similar technology is also found on Ram, GMC, and, soon, Ford pickup trucks. You can read about the possibility of a Ford multifunction tailgate by clicking here. This popularity means that Ram, which doesn't sell as many pickups as Ford, could gain buyers that would go for an F-150 only due to their trick tailgate.


We all saw this coming, but despite this it's great that another truck will be fitted with a multifunction tailgate. I have experience with high-tech tailgates, so I can say with absolute confidence that these will steal sales from manufacturers that don't have this feature available (Ford, Honda, Toyota-I'm looking at you).

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  • Multifunction tailgate....... i’m in the UK and pickups are not something that gets us excited! Multifunction tailgates.........there are other things I’d rather have like LED light bars like Ken block.

      9 months ago