- 2017 Chevrolet Impala I test drove some time ago

Chevrolet to Discontinue the Beloved Impala

A couple of days ago, GM said that they will be laying off almost 15,000 workers due to some reason with sales or something. Now, Chevrolet has announced they will be discontinuing several cars from their line-up, including the Impala. Now, as some of my readers know if they've read my review on said Impala, it holds a special place in my heart. It was going to be a car I might buy when I fully mature and have a family. Since this announcement from Chevrolet, I am going to have to look elsewhere to maybe find a decent used one or find a new sedan in general to buy for my future family. But I also don't have much to worry about at the same time. The Impala was once taken from us before when it was known to most as a muscle car. So, it may be possible Chevrolet will revive it somewhere in the distant, hopefully near, future.

"...it doesn't come close..."

General Motors, somewhere in the mix, said along the lines of the reason why it was killing these cars off is because Americans are looking to buy crossover SUV's. In my opinion, that is ridiculous in both ways. Crossovers barely have any style, they're just too big or even small for that matter, and they also offer next to nothing in interior space and in the trunk. Trust me, I have driven several, and it doesn't come close to that of what the Impala can hold. For that I blame those Americans buying into the crossover craze and GM for not making both of their sedan, hatchback, and CSUV line-ups look equally compelling.

"...but stuck the badge onto..."

We have seen this earlier this year when Ford said they were discontinuing most of their line-up for CSUV's and Mitsubishi brought back the "Eclipse" but stuck the badge onto the body of a CSUV. Why? This is heartbreaking for me to know that companies in America are starting to appease those who prefer crossovers instead of the loyal customers trading in and/or upgrading to the next best sedan. For example an old Spark gets traded in for a new one. Maybe it is because they look safe or come with AWD. Maybe instead of killing the sedans, these manufacturers make them a little more expensive than the FWD models by adding an all-wheel drive option. GM and Chevrolet should do that first before killing off these cars.

What are your thoughts on this?

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