Chevy block lawnmower is seriously epic

4w ago


We all love a good engine swap. Seeing a V8 get rammed into some sort of Mini or family car, the infamous V12 F1 engine in the Renault family estate, but I think this one might just top the lot.

Somewhere in the quiet (before this thing turned on) American countryside, a Mr Thomas Barker decided that whacking a great big Chevy block engine inside his little ride on lawnmower was the best idea he'd ever had.

I think he might be right...

We get a brief glimpse of this absolute warhorse (more like donkey) before Barker climbs aboard. It doesn't look to be much, and it does look a little stuck together, but that is completely forgotten about by the time he hits the open road.

After turning off his property and onto the empty road, Barker decides to hit the loud pedal, and loud it is.

The lawnmower starts tearing off down the hill, deafening any person within three miles.

Barker then slows and U-turns at a junction before barrelling it back the way he came, speeding past his house and pushing on round corners, over bridges, and through the woods.

I must admit I was a bit worried when Barker reached the turns. Sat atop his demon mower I would've hated to see him bin the machine, or himself more importantly.

But the mower seems to have no issues with wide, sweeping bends, and Barker backs off well enough to make it with effortless control but with ample speed, before opening up the throttle again.

I know this video is from 2014, but having only just stumbled across it makes me wonder why it didn't appear on my radar before.

Kudos, Mr Barker.

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