4y ago


      Chevy Chevelle SS. Great car, but demonstrates that there was an issue with panel gaps in ye olden days.

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      • Or someone just did a crummy body restoration job at some point in this rides life!😂

          3 years ago
      • I test drove an old Chevelle SS back in 2005 or so. At the time, I thought the panel gaping was due to a shoddy restoration. Apparently, he was trying to keep it all original.

          3 years ago
      • One might wonder how they could let that one pass. Quality inspection anyone? Macho car, but the fitting is quite frightening. :)

          3 years ago
      • A little gap gaves character. Structural gap, don't, sorry.

          3 years ago
      • There are People living down there. Perhaps thats where Richard Hammond was born.

          3 years ago


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