Chevy Cut A Hole In The 2019 Corvette ZR1's Hood To Fit All 755 Horsepower

The Most powerful Corvette ever is a strange mix of engineering excellence and good ole fashioned american hoonery.

3y ago

The 2019 Corvette ZR1 is here with 755 horsepower, a supercharger sticking out of the hood, and more heat exchanges than a Bugatti Veyron. Chevy learned from the Z06 Corvette to make the ZR1 the most track capable Corvette ever built.

With a 100 more horsepower than its Z06 sibling the new Corvette ZR1 uses a 50% larger supercharger that turns up the boost and reduces heat soaking. We all remember the disappointment of over heating Z06s, especially Chevy, so the new ZR1 uses 13 heat-exchangers to ensure it can set hot laps all day.

The new LT5 6.2L V-8 engine uses Chevy's first ever dual injection system, which uses both direct injection and port injection to increase the horsepower output and improve efficiency. The LT5 retains the familiar over head valve although their were rumors of switching to dual overheard camshafts.

To accommodate the larger supercharger, Chevy had to cut a hole in the hood of the ZR1. The carbon fiber engine cover of the LT5 is a living breathing part of the body work and moves when the engine is under load. The "halo hood" as Chevy calls it, helps dissipate heat and harkens back to the old days of American hotrodding.

To keep all this power under control Chevy is offering both a 7-Speed manual transmission with auto rev-matching and for the first time an 8-Speed automatic. These transmissions will have their work cut out for them when waves of 715 ft-lbs of torque come rushing in.

The ZR1 uses massive 355 section rear tires and a fixed carbon fiber rear wing derived from the Corvette racecar for added mechanical grip. This rear wing is said to generate 950lbs of down force at the Corvettes top seed of 210 miles per hour.

The most powerful Corvette ever looks set to take on just about anything on the road today. We look forward to learning more about this incredible machine and hope to drive one very soon.

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