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Chevy is a mess

Has Chevy flat out given up?

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Chevrolet is a total mess. Ok, so I’m not saying all of Chevy is crap and unimaginative. (I'm thinking that, but I'm not saying that) The Corvette is a very new and wild step for them, what putting the engine in a strange place and all. The Silverado and Suburban are always going to sell because Soccer Moms and anti-Ford pickup drivers will always exist. From there the lineup gets ugly, and I mean literally and figuratively ugly. Equinox ugly.

Embarrassing idea #1.

Now I understand they are probably trying to be a value brand and they are building cars on a budget for those who are on a budget but still… So, take these stupid red stripes on their rims in the above photo. So far, I think(thankfully) they are the only one that is doing this. I suppose if you parked in the right position, looked from a distance, and if you are blind, and stupid, these might look like fancy red brake calipers. This was probably someone’s idea on how to capitalize off the type of people who leave their bright yellow splitter guards on their Challenger, but every time I see these things I think there’s somebody who wants red brake calipers or worse yet actually thinks they have them. Confirmed – you are a complete enthusiast wannabe.

Embarrassing idea #2

Next, I love how they were imaginative enough to copy the FJ cruiser’s paint scheme with the white roof for their Trailblazer. This thing really has some serious off-road chops now! Look at their ad, this SUV even made it on gravel to a lake! Go ahead and cancel my reservation for that Bronco, you convinced me with the name Trailblazer and the paint scheme, this is the new SUV to have! You picked up on the sarcasm, right?

Finally, the Camaro is getting taken behind the woodshed

So the Camaro? We’ve all heard this may be replaced by an EV sedan. Is this really a bad idea? Well of course it is, because it’s blatantly trying to capitalize off the Camaro name, while selling us an electric Impala. (Looking at you too, Mach E). But the Camaro sells about as well as British food in the states. And those sales are dropping 'like a rock'. Yeah, thanks for the slogan Chevy. (At least you old timers will remember that one.) Since 2010 Chevy’s Camaro updates appear to mostly involve changing the headlights to see if that will improve sales. In some sense I feel your pain Chevy, I mean the Dodge folks don’t really change the Challenger much, they just give it wild names like Demon, Hellcat, RedEye, Widebody, ScatPack, then give it different hood scoops and it outsells you by a mile. That must really sting, but continuing your strategy that has yet to work borders on insanity. I guess you shouldn't have wasted those SS badges on a Cobalt.

Let’s face it, Chevy has third graders working for tips who are throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks. But worse yet, it’s ideas that they spent all of five seconds coming up with. If they really had someone with some drive and motivation they might take some time and come up with something unique, something a little less bland. You have to believe they see how badly they’ve missed the boat with the Bronco. They have nothing with that kind of buzz, not even the Corvette. Everything they have is made to blend in with the crowd, go with the status quo, and not offend anyone. Bolt, Equinox, Trax, Malibu? Don't tell me any of those make you want to jump up and go for a test drive? Wanting only to by American and looking for a better deal than that Jeep Renegade is the only thing that brought you here.

So to wrap up Chevy has the slogan “ Find new roads”? I have to assume this is because you sure as hell don’t want anyone you know to see you driving a Chevy if it isn’t the aforementioned Vette, Silverado, or ‘Burban.

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  • I'm always intrigued by the release of mainstream EVs, but am disheartened to hear about the standard Camaro's demise even as a Mustang fan. If the standard Challenger and Mustang are staying in production for the near future, so should the Camaro. Less competition reduces the motivation for cars to better each other, and the field could slowly go stale.

      1 month ago
    • The Camaro is in a tough and unique spot. If it gets too expensive it does beg the question why not buy the Vette if you are that into Chevy. They've had some great Camaro variants that can really handle not just go fast, but overall I just feel...

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        1 month ago
    • That’s a big oof. Cause I know there’s rumors circulating around to make the next Mustang lighter than he current car to match or exceed to Alpha-platform Camaro. With that car dying, the next Mustang wouldn’t really have a rival to flex on...

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        1 month ago
  • This isn't a surprise. GM was never stellar. Good, at time. Once in a while, great. But overall they are chasing their tales now. Even on the inside it's mass confusion (I've been on the insides). I think once the EV revolution is under full swing they may regain direction but they have very little to nothing in the pipeline for the future. Stuck in the past is Chevy. Even their engineers are bordering on clueless. ENGINEERS. So this comes as no surprise to me.

      1 month ago
  • I agree and even they're good cars are pitifully unreliable

      1 month ago
    • And now they've gone all eco-freak on us which makes me downright hate them

        1 month ago
    • Pitifully unreliable - that pretty much sums up my Chevrolet owning experience also.(and a few of my relatives too) To me it's also sad that they took the SS sedan from Pontiac(G8) who had taken that from Holden. Then they failed to market it. ...

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        1 month ago