China Smart Electric Vehicle Conference

22w ago


Car appearance


Extended range electric technology is a reliable and efficient solution. Through large-capacity battery packs and high-power extended-range power generation systems, the extended life is more than 700 kilometers, and the urban life is more than 1000 kilometers.

Front and rear dual-motor four-wheel drive, total power 326 horsepower, torque 530 Nm, comprehensive performance to 6 cylinder 3.0T level.

The acceleration time of 0-100km/h is 6.5 seconds. It is in line with the mainstream luxury medium and large SUVs on the market. The power is very smooth and the driving experience is very good.

Together with CATL, it has built the largest 40.5kWh battery pack in the global extended range with an available power of 37.2kWh.

The battery can provide a comprehensive cruising range of more than 180 kilometers.

At the same time, it is equipped with fast charging and slow charging interfaces to ensure low cost and zero emissions in cities.

The extended-range power generation system provides a comprehensive cruising range of more than 520 kilometers, ensuring long-distance travel without mileage anxiety.

Fuel economy:

The ideal fuel-making ONE's urban working condition fuel consumption is only half of the BMW X5, and the performance is much better than the fuel-powered vehicle and the plug-in hybrid vehicle in parallel.

In terms of cost of use: the normal use of 20,000 kilometers a year, the ideal wisdom to make ONE even if not charging, plus 92 gasoline, the annual cost is only 8,000 yuan. If you have charging conditions at home, the cost is lower, only 4,000 yuan.

If the charging is the main, the maintenance cost of 3 years and 60,000 kilometers will be lower than 2,500 yuan, far lower than the pure electric vehicle of the same level.

Many consumers are also worried about the residual value of used cars.

A two- or three-kilometer-long electric car will face awkward results when it conducts second-hand car trading three years later. After a few years, the electric car's cruising range is generally 400-600 km, two or three hundred kilometers of used life. Electric cars will be like chicken ribs.

For extended-range electric vehicles with a cruising range of more than 700 kilometers, the residual value of used vehicles can be in line with the fuel vehicles, and consumers do not have to worry about the decay of battery life.

recharge mileage:

The world's strongest extended-range electric SUV, with the first battery capacity and the first cruising range.

Compared with the best-selling electric SUV Tesla Model X, it has longer cruising range, more convenient long-distance energy supply, lighter vehicle weight, and almost no mileage attenuation in winter. Of course, no single form of energy is perfect. The extended range system needs to arrange the air intake and increase the wind resistance. Therefore, the driving energy consumption is 10% higher than the Model X, and there is no design acceleration below 5 seconds.

Compared with the BMW X5, which sells the best fuel SUV in the same class, even if it relies solely on refueling and does not charge at all, our urban fuel consumption is reduced by more than half, less than 5 liters. However, because there is no gearbox for fuel vehicles, the fuel consumption at high speed is higher than that of X5.


Full five-star safety design with standard assisted driving.

High-strength steel-aluminum hybrid body, body rigidity is 30% higher than Volvo XC90;

In the real vehicle test, the frontal collision results are close to full marks, meeting the highest standard of collision safety, and the ultimate goal is to achieve the full five-star standard for each sub-item.

The high-strength protective beam and the aluminum alloy casing form a double protection for the battery pack. According to the most stringent US standard side column collision standard, the battery will not be damaged in the collision.

Level 2 level advanced assisted driving makes driving safer and more convenient.

The implementation of the entire vehicle was developed in cooperation with Bosch. Equipped with iBooster's second-generation electronic brake system, the response speed is faster, and with the advanced assisted driving AEB automatic emergency braking function, it can reduce the serious accident rate by 50%.

The vision chip uses the latest generation of Mobileye EyeQ4, which is 10 times faster than the current mainstream EyeQ3. It is combined with Bosch's millimeter-wave radar and ultrasonic radar, and five cameras to form a perceptual fusion.

Features include a variety of closed roads to take the initiative to follow the car, so that traffic jams are no longer irritating. Automatic emergency braking of various actual road conditions makes the vehicle safer. There are also automatic parking in various parking environments, and once you use it, you are no longer willing to park yourself.

At the same time, advanced assisted driving should be the active safety system necessary for smart electric vehicles, and should not allow users to spend tens of thousands of dollars to select, each car will be equipped with Level 2 advanced auxiliary system.

Basic configuration:

Luxury medium and large SUVs also need a comfortable space.

Vehicle size: car length 5020, car width 1960, wheelbase 2935, is an excellent luxury medium and large SUV. There are plenty of space for the three rows and a very large trunk.

The 6-seat version, with two separate seats in the second row, features a dual armrest design and a comfortable soft pillow in the luxurious mid-size SUV, and a large angle adjustment range to provide a business class level ride.

The driving and co-pilot are equipped with standard seat ventilation.

The first and second rows of seats are equipped with seat heating as standard, and the square plate is equipped with heating as an electric vehicle. These functions can be started remotely with the air conditioning system, and the most comfortable temperature can be prepared before getting on the bus.

The whole car adopts PM2.5 fresh air system and air quality monitoring, which can control the PM2.5 in the car in single digits to provide a healthy environment for the family.

In order to achieve maximum quietness, Saint-Gobain's double-layer acoustic glass is used, and every piece of glass in the car has the highest level of insulation and sun protection.

The area covered by leather is up to 18 square meters, and the area where the body can touch is very good.

Adjustable shock absorption for different road conditions and driving needs.

Wireless charging with a very considerate location is more convenient than charging at home.

High-fidelity stereo with 12 speakers.

Convenient panoramic reversing image.

Exquisite and beautiful LED dynamic headlights and taillights.

Intelligent hardware and software aspects:

What is a real smart electric car?

A true smart electric vehicle must be a smart terminal that communicates naturally with people, can carry rich Internet services, and continues to evolve. The first and foremost is the interactive approach, and each terminal revolution is based on a new way of interaction.

The first terminal personal computer is a mouse + screen, the second terminal smart phone is a finger + screen, and the interactive mode of the smart car, the human third terminal, is necessarily a voice + screen.

Ideal for making ONE the first four-screen interactive system, consisting of four car-level HD screens. Make car interactions more secure and convenient than ever before.

Four screen interactions, one can not be less.

Central main interactive screen: It is launched in the simplest and clearest card form. Navigation, music, telephone and other application services can be accessed in the fastest and direct way. Based on the powerful openness of our system, it provides a very rich in-vehicle application. For example, you can choose Baidu or Gaode to navigate.

Vice-drive entertainment screen: It has an independent Bluetooth sound source and does not interfere with the driver. We have deep cooperation with iQiyi, and we have wiped out the hottest film and television resources, so that the hostess can continue to chase the popular TV series in the car.

Vehicle control screen: Realizes all vehicle control functions, no need to search for layers, but also supports multi-finger operation, which is more convenient than buttons.

Instrument panel: no longer a traditional speed meter, providing the most core driving safety information, around the advanced assisted driving, reducing the redundant design of those brush presence.

Behind the four screens is Qualcomm's strongest car-class chip 820A and Texas Instruments J6's dual-chip driver. Based on Android Automotive and Linux, the dual-system architecture is built to ensure high performance, security and stability.

In addition to the four screens, voice is the most important way of interacting in the car.

Although many cars now have voice functions, the recognition rate is low and the semantic understanding is poor, which can not enhance the interactive experience in the car. Better technology can solve these problems.

Multiple sets of microphones are arranged in the front and rear rows, which are accurately positioned by complex audio algorithms to form a reliable full-vehicle voice environment.

In terms of semantic understanding, together with Xiaomi's Xiao Ai classmates, creating a new voice engine will provide a full range of Internet voice services, such as booking a restaurant and listening to a paragraph.

At the functional level, through a powerful vehicle electronic architecture, intelligent voice can replace physical buttons and directly control common functions in the car. Voice can quickly reach the end result of application services such as navigation and entertainment. It can be connected with smart electronic devices in the home, and the car and home can be seamlessly linked by voice.