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Chinese GP Review - I Was Bored

Things seem to have gone a bit hollow this weekend; I was really looking forward to this one: the Chinese Grand Prix has traditionally been one of the most engaging races on the calendar.

I mean, who remembers Vettel and Verstappen spinning out in the hairpin while they were battling it out? That sort of thing excites me down to the temperature of my blood.

This year however, I could probably count the amount of times I was genuinely engaged with this race – a real shame. But I thought I’d try and work out why I felt this way.


Lap 1 chaos

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Often at the start of a Grand Prix, there’s always contact between two or more drivers. China was no exception and Lando Norris suffered a rather… erm… lifting shunt.

I don’t really think Norris, Kvyat or Sainz were to blame for this. It just seemed like a result of a lot of drivers crowded in one place and nobody could really do anything about it. At least that’s how I view it, you may believe something different.

Speaking of different opinions, this neatly brings me onto my main problem with the race.

Hamilton made it boring

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It may look like I have an objection against Lewis Hamilton in my previous F1 blog posts, but I promise this isn’t true: anyone who grabs more than 1 championship is a world-class winner in my book – and the Brit is well on his way to a 6th world title!

The thing is though, his driving is unbelievable, and whenever he’s at the front of the pack, nothing can stop him. But somehow, the action behind tends to get boring.

I mean sure, I recall a few overtakes here and there, but for roughly 80% of the race, I wasn’t really paying much attention. Something about this race just didn’t seem as engaging as the last two.

I can’t really put my finger on it, but if you can, let me know in the comments.

To sum up

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Massive congratulations to Pierre Gasly for scoring the extra point! This is proof that Red Bull really do have some serious performance up their sleeve.

Well done to Lewis Hamilton for winning the 1000th Grand Prix, but I feel if you did a bit worse, the race would’ve been more exciting.

What was the point in Ferrari’s team orders? Again, I can’t put my finger on it.

Lastly, let’s hope Baku brings some more action!

Thank you for reading – hope you enjoyed it :)