- RATP88 Joined by the Citroen C1 Race Cars, plus our other promotional Boxster.

Chris Drummond - RATP88 Evolution.

Autofarm - Purely Porsche & Progressive Motorsport join forces to rejuvenate the Chris Drummond - Race Against Time campaign.

2y ago

Since the sad loss of our friend Chris Drummond, it’s taken us a while to refocus and decide upon the right way to finish what he started. Chris was passionate about raising the awareness of the early detection of Cancer, especially in men and especially men that loved their cars and motorsport.

Now known as the #RATP88, Chris quite openly talked about how much time he spent caring for his Porsche and that if it needed a service or new part, he wouldn’t think twice about making that happen. However, when he was feeling unwell and uncertain about his own health, did he seek out an explanation? No!

Chris Drummond. #RATP88 #SU2C

Chris Drummond. #RATP88 #SU2C

As you read this note, please take a moment to think about all the times when you’ve suffered stomach pains, back pains or maybe a bout of indigestion. What did you do? Did you book a doctor’s appointment, or did you simply take a few tablets and let the symptoms pass? One thing that is certain, a high percentage of males simply don’t seek help or even consider discussing their symptoms.

This is exactly what Chris did and by his own admission, he left it too late to seek help.

Chris’ passion for raising awareness & money for Stand Up 2 Cancer was infectious. He worked closely with his SU2C representative looking at numerous ways to spread his message. He certainly touched all our hearts at Autofarm and that’s why we’re so committed to finishing what he started.

So What's Next..

Our Directors, Steve Wood & Mikey Wastie were keen to do something special to honour Chris’ memory and it was agreed, it had to be motorsport related. Steve contacted a few of his racing contacts and before we knew what was happening, Autofarm had entered the Citroen C1 - 24hr Endurance race at Silverstone. With the idea resonating with some close friends and business colleagues, we’re now extremely proud to be part of a larger team, with Dave Ward & Howden Haynes, Directors of Progressive Motorsport joining the campaign.

Immediately, both Dave & Howden rejuvenated our own efforts, everything was possible and nothing was too much trouble. It feels amazing to have Dave, Howden and their team onboard, the C1 race challenge is set to be very exciting for everyone involved. Thanks to Dave, we're not just running one C1, we're actually racing two C1 Race Cars & one promotional / research car!

Track Day - Silverstone 17th Feb

A great day for everyone involved. Not only did we have both Citroen C1 Race Cars on track for their driver preparations, we also took with us, Chris Drummond’s Porsche, plus another Boxster, all in full SU2C livery for Chris’ son and daughter to drive.

Mark & Rachel Drummond, along with their partners had the amazing opportunity to drive their dads beloved RATP88 around the Silverstone Circuit. It was an emotional day for them, as we had secretly added their dads name to both the race cars along with a donation QR code for all to scan.

All four cars looked great running around the circuit and the SU2C livery really did provide a real collaborative presence. Everyone was excited about the day and there was a real anticipation surrounding the C1 race cars and how they would perform.

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Please do follow all those involved in the “Race Against Time” campaign, it may have evolved but the focus remains the same. Together, with your help we're attempting to smash the £30,000 target set by Chris when he first started this journey.

If you wish to donate, then simply Click Here: We thank you for your continued support, every little helps towards our goal.

Our thoughts are always with Chris and his family. His memory lives on in this campaign and we’ll do our upmost to achieve his goals.

Cancer Awareness

Autofarm have continued the relationship with our Stand Up 2 Cancer representatives, as we know how important this was to Chris. He was dedicated to raising cancer awareness and therefore we’ll be partnering with SU2C on race day. Staff & volunteers will be supporting us on the day to explain what happens to your donations and where the money is spent. We hope to share more information on Cancer Research and the projects that are making a real difference to people’s lives.

#CRUK #SU2C #CancerResearchUK #StandUp2Cancer #CancerAwareness #LiveLife

Thanks to @MatteoGilles for the amazing new graphics for the Citroen C1 race Cars, they truly look incredible.

Thanks to @suzzanekentish for the photography, we appreciate it’s difficult to get us all focused at the same time, but the images do look fabulous.

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