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Chris Forsberg’s Nissan 370Z rally car tribute

Formula Drift champ Chris Forsberg builds a 240Z tribute 370Z rally car.

2w ago

Formula Drift 3-time champion Chris Forsberg is no stranger to Nissan 370Zs. He has been campaigning one to multiple championships for as long as I can remember drifting. Having that relationship with Nissan, Forsberg was planning on doing a rally car build for SEMA 2020. Obviously with the situation in 2020, the SEMA plans didn't really pan out, but Forsberg and Nissan still wanted to make it happen.

For the newest episode of Hoonigan AutoFocus, Larry Chen stops by Forsberg's shop to get a close up look at this rally car. Forsberg talks about the history of the car it is a tribute to, the work done by Broken Motorsports, and shows off every bit of the fabrication. For all the details, check out the video above!

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